Creative Solutions &
Innovative Technologies

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Creative Solutions & Innovative Technologies LLC (CRETE LLC) – is a multiprofile company, whose main activities are innovative technologies, as well as engineering, software, sci-tech and linguistic solutions design and development. A combination that ensures a successful introduction of our solutions in most of the countries all over the world.

CRETE LLC Creative Solutions mean a smart and a deep approach towards technical and informational systems design, innovative technologies adaptation, identification of forces, which may have influence on informational processes efficiency, and dedicated to expand your commercial opportunities. 

CRETE LLC offers you any service possible, which may be required to introduce technical systems and software solutions, including system installation, commissioning and adjustment.

CRETE LLC Innovative technologies are a structural combination of scientific methods and approaches, dedicated to exploration, actualization and optimizationof activities resulting in creation and materialization of innovations, which lead to qualitative changes and are oriented on rational usage of material, economic and social resources as well as informational processes within your company.